Friday, August 29, 2014

Sale Pending

Haven't meant to be so quiet. But the aftermath of a passing is damn near all consuming.
Gramp has not been gone 2 months yet, but we've managed to get his house cleaned out and on the market. It's sale is even pending, and closing can happen any day now.

Of course you still have the daily demands of your own life to continue to contend with.
Doesn't leave much in the way of time for doing things like this.

But the clean out has uncovered many little tantalizing treasures. Aside from lost or forgotten photos, outdoor gear with names like Herters and Montague stand out. Yeah, I know these names don't exist now, but their company reputations sure live on. There will be more on these to come.

The old gun cabinet, with 4 of Gramp's Guns, and a fifth from my Uncle, has come my way. All are long guns. They are a .243, a 12 gauge, a .410 bore, and a pair of .22's. All deserve 1 or more future posts of their own.

All will get some much needed TLC before heading to the range.Of course now in post Sandy Hook Connecticut, you just can't go out and buy ammunition. I'm working my way through those hoops now.

I managed to track down the "lost" 12 foot fishing boat. Literally pulled it out of a nearby neighbor's barn! Suffice it to say I will be learning how to work fiberglass in the coming months.

I've also made some steady progress in a few other areas.

Late in the spring, I finally got a Connecticut Firearms Hunting license. Got the inland fishing combo with it.

Back in June, I completed an NRA Basic Pistol Course. I am still in the process of turning that into an actual Connecticut Pistol permit, but everything in it's time.

At the same time, I applied for a Curio & Relic FFL. Got that in the mail first week of July.
Of course, without a Connecticut Long Gun card or Connecticut Pistol permit, I can't do much with it yet. Being patient.

I will be sure to write about my experiences in regard to the permits too. Much is still so new here in Connecticut, and many questions are out there on these topics. I'll try to shed some light and share what I learn.

And of course, in this same time frame, I've stood this blog up too.

While some possessions have been gained, so much more of value has been lost. I miss Gramp everyday. The dark empty house and Sale Pending sign next door are just constant reminders of the void and loss his passing means. No matter how much you want to roll back the clock, you can't. You have to learn how to live without who and what you once had. And that is just not an easy thing to do.